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If you’re a CFO, you know how annoying and time consuming it can be to have to cleanup a company’s information, to get them ready for banks, vendors, and investors. If things are a real mess, this can take a team of people. And, if you are a CFO like me, then you know it has to be done before you can represent the company, especially as CFO, but as CEO, COO, whatever c-suite title you are going by today. Basically, if you’re a senior fractional or full time executive enterring into any role, then you need tools like these if your new company doesn’t have them, and you need to install them quickly!

~ Peter Hubshman

Meaningful and accurate books and analysis are the cornerstone of good corporate finance. Once a company has readable books and records, and not just accounting records, once it has installed a cash budget process to help keep business in control, and once it has a 5-year plan that represents and allows for stress testing on strategy and growth hacks, only then is a company prepared to allow its representatives to speak financially.

Good corporate finance is aimed at improving each company’s financial conditions through a process under control with well monitored KPIs from all systems.

Your books must be readable, and you must show that you are running a process in control. Once these conditions are met, then you can show that your company is prepared for internal and external financial conditions. And only then should you speak to banks or investors or other market constituents who need to examine your financial condition to work with you and your company. Show up prepared, or why bother?

These types of models help you predict short to long term cash requirements. You can use them to test your strategies and hone your business.

It’s easy and your clients can’t afford to go without.

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