How much does this service typically cost?

No two businesses are alike, and this suite of products is bespoke and fully customized to your business and internal processes. That said, most small businesses can implement the full suite of products for under $20,000, and smaller or less complicated businesses may end up implementing the suite for as little as $7,500.

What does it cost ongoing, for updates and service?

We can show you how to update it if your organization is spreadsheet and data savvy, which most business people are. So anywhere from $0-$3,500 per month with $1,250 as the target average. It depends on how much hand holding and training you would like, and how often you want to update and upgrade. It’s a white glove service, and it’s your model (bespoke), and we give you the time you need for absorption.

What size businesses are these products targeted to?

If your business has 10 to 100 employees; $2.5 million to 25 million or more in annual revenue; is growing and expanding, and/or fending off the competition in your market, then this suite of tools is built for you.

How much time does it take to install these products?

It takes from 1-3 months, more or less, to install these products, unless you require accounting entry clean up beyond the scope of the Tune-up phase. Accounting record clean up is not included in the product suite and will be recommended, as necessary, through our CFO and accounting professional partners.

Will you help to create a new strategy for my business? Is that part of the suite of services?

This service does not include the kind of research and development that goes into creating long range strategy. What the service does do, is give you tools for implementing and testing your existing and future strategy frameworks in a model. So it can be used and developed to handle the new and better strategies you and your team devise. For strategy work we recommend hiring a management consultant and/or fractional executive or CFO.

How is this different from what CFO’s can do?

Not all CFO’s are expert in this, and CFO’s have other significantly more important things to do. And this particular job is usually in the way and takes time away from more important things. Think of it this way: Our job is to setup and maintain your analytics. We do it like a SWAT team. We are in and out. After it’s setup, you and your CFO and executive team use it to change and implement and hack your business forward. With the analytics in place, your CFO can focus on important functions like: market and financial strategy; true KPI development; fund raising and due diligence support. She can be free to lead digital transformation; cost cutting and optimization; c-team management and entrepreneur mentoring; the building of finance and accounting teams; making of plans and execution of difficult operational and management objectives. We just provide the toolkit and keep it up to date.